Weight Loss Hypnosis On The Doctors show

Doctors show asked me to do some weight loss hypnosis for their “6 different ways to lose weight” show.  They had me hypnotize Monica Martin, who explained that she was determined to slim down; her goal to lose 60 pounds.  Monica went into hypnosis beautifully and as you can tell in the footage, the experience was very relaxing and she felt safe.

I gave Monica suggestions to eat healthy, eat smaller portions, to exercise as well as to feel confident.  One of the things the show didn’t mention is that for issues such as weight loss, it is suggested to do a few sessions so that through repetition, the mind learns to think and behave like a slim person.  Monica’s first session gave her a powerful start to a better way of living.  She is serious about losing the weight and keeping it off and she looks forward to being able to fit comfortably in her clothes.  In fact, she has agreed to continue coming in for sessions so check back in to find out how she is doing.

Weight Loss Hypnosis The Doctors Show

I’m glad that The Doctors show successfully showed that hypnosis is valid for weight loss. In the same way that a computer has programs that either work or don’t work well, so do our subconscious minds.  Hypnosis give you the ability to comfortably and safely input new positive ways of thinking and behaving into your mind.  Imagine being able to do the things you’ve been wanting to do.  That is what hypnosis can help you do.
Sasha Carrion, Cht.

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