Gina Catán- Eckstein

As a Certified Life Coach, Gina has helped hundreds of clients reach their dreams personally and professionally. As a CEO, entrepreneur, and mom, she realizes how difficult and challenging juggling the demands of daily life can be.

With so much valuable experience in her own life, Gina has a knack of helping her clients reach and surpass their goals and dreams.

Gina’s clients describe their session with her as “a breakthrough” and “an epiphany.”

Her clients have gone on to regain a new and positive outlook on life and create a life they never thought was possible.


Gina’s specialties include entrepreneurship, relationships, weight loss, adulting, financial goals, parenting, accountability, goal setting, overcoming self-doubt, putting back the pieces after divorce and other life-changing events, and stopping the mind chatter that tells you that you are not good enough.

Sessions with Gina are all about finding your individual path to reach and surpass your personal summit. Life is too short to not realize your potential.

Gina Catán- Eckstein was featured in People Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, ABC, NBC. She has appeared on CNN and received numerous awards, including Entrepreneur of the Year. She has helped countless celebrities and business leaders improve their careers, mindset, and excel both personally and professionally. Gina was born in Mexico City and holds sessions in person, by phone or remotely in English or Spanish. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California.


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