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It’s not often you come across someone who not only has the passion but the ability to change your life. I’ve struggled with pretty severe depression for most of my adult life. I’ve been on anti-depressants and have seen many other therapists for years but decided to try hypnotherapy as something new. Best decision I’ve ever made for myself. Right before the pandemic, I visited Sasha for the first time and was immediately disarmed by her warmth and knowledge of the process. And since then, in the midst of a pandemic, of solo quarantining, of months of unemployment, I can say I’ve never felt better. I can count on one hand the amount of depressed days I’ve had since. This has been the biggest breakthrough in my depression in years and I couldn’t thank her enough. Excited for what’s more to come.

Sami Abdou

Sasha’s voice has been in my head for years! Her hypnosis sessions have been extremely effective and really pleasant to listen to. With all the stresses in life and the focus on things to do all day long, my hypnosis time with Sasha brings me into a calm state I’ve never been able to experience otherwise. I am incredibly grateful for Sasha’s amazing work and she has helped me for almost a decade which has changed my life for the better without a doubt!

Maria G.

Sasha Carrion is the most effective mental health professional who I have utilized. She came highly recommended by a professional colleague whom I hold in very high esteem. Sasha quickly established trust, credibility, and understanding with me during FaceTime sessions as I live 1,500 away from her office. Her techniques penetrated deeply into my subconscious mind to aid me in letting go of long held beliefs and habitual reactions which did not serve me well, but which I had great difficulty changing consciously for 46 years. She also provided me with tools after each session to help me reinforce our work together. She is a special person and a gifted mental health professional. I could not recommend her services more highly.

Brendan McDonough

Sasha is a wonderful, caring and beautiful person who truly believes in elevating the quality of life for her clients. By her willingness to openly share her personal journey from a caterpillar to a butterfly; I can attest to her warmth and genuine commitment to my success. Sasha generously shares her knowledge and insights in her You Tube Videos and email updates. Also, she is committed to partnering with her clients in order to achieve optimum results during a private session. I love how she incorporates my suggestions into my sessions so that they can take root, grow and expand in my subconscious. As a result, I now “consciously” make decisions which are impactful, empowering and enriching. Additionally, Sasha is an over comer and she has become a successful entrepreneur, Mom and role model. So, first hand she can bring to the table relevant information to help someone resolve issues with losing a parent; starting and maintaining a successful business and moreover – how to daily show up in a positive manner for ourselves on a personal and professional level. I have come to understand that life can throw some strong punches (ready or not) and when this happens; I will just pick-up the phone, make an appointment with Sasha and re-frame the experience and I am all the better with this personal strategy. In summation, Sasha is truly worth her weight in GOLD! D.G.


I am astonished with what Sasha can do. Don’t wait to see her, it can change your life. Yunuen Beristain

Yunuen Beristain

I have recommended Sasha to many of my patients who are struggling with PTSD, anxiety, eating disorders, high blood pressure, etc. and each and everyone of them has had great experience and results.


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