I understand where you are coming from. . .

  • You’re a woman who is motivated and driven.  You’ve succeeded at reaching many goals, particularly goals that related to your career/business and others. . . but you feel unsuccessful and unhappy when it comes to your body.
  • While you feel like you let yourself down, you are ready to shift gears and start taking care of yourself.
  • You realize that your eating habits and weight are holding you back and that hurts because you know that you have so much potential and so much more to offer this world.
  • You’re at a point in your life where you value your time and energy more than ever and are done spinning your wheels.
  • You feel like you have no control over your impulses and tend to eat when you experience anxiety and stress and are ready to take your power back.
  • You are also done with the guilt and shame of disordered eating and you are ready to set yourself up for success and joy.
  • You know what you should be doing but find that there is this big disconnect between what you should do and what you end up doing.
  • While you feel that you can’t trust yourself with food, a part of you knows that you change things around.
  • You probably think way too much about food and how you look to others but know that you have it in you to be confident and self-assured.
  • You realize that to reach your goals, you need an expert mentor and access to the right tools so that you can change the way you look and feel about yourself.
  • You know that with the right system, you will catapult yourself forward in life.

You’re tired of doing the same stuff that never works . . .

That includes:

  • Restricting and depriving yourself of food
  • Yo-yo dieting
  • Replacing meals with shakes
  • Drinking teas
  • Taking pills including over-the-counter pills
  • Counting calories
  • Weight your food
  • Working out non-stop
  • Getting a trainer
  • Getting a weight loss coach

I can confirm your suspicions. None of those works in the long run.  They weren’t the solution then and they sure aren’t the solution now.

I’ve been there myself. . .

My anxiety eating, comfort eating and overeating started at a young age.

I experienced severe trauma as a young girl that set me up for years of self-sabotage.

I grew up feeling unwanted and not good enough.

In retrospect, I learned to use food as a coping mechanism for all the touch emotions that I had to deal with.

I grew into a very self-conscious woman who was desperate for the approval of others.

My mind always felt that if I lost just a certain amount of weight that everything would be better.

I tried everything to slim down but everything I did turned out to be just a short-term patch,

I decided to get lipo.

The surgeon botched it!

On top of that, I ended up with 2nd to third degree burns on my legs.

I had to have the right side of my head shaved so that I could have that skin grafted onto my right leg.

At that point, I wasn’t obsessed about my weight.  I just wanted to look normal.

The big irony of me having experienced those reconstructive surgeries was that every time I went in to do one, they would have me gain weight.  That meant that I had to purposely fatten myself for the purpose of relocating that fat to another area.

By the time, I was done with my reconstructive surgeries, I had plenty of weight on me and plenty of scars.

My wanting to find a healthy way of slimming down was temporarily put on the backburner because around that time, I found out a horrible secret relating to my parents.  I was heart-broken.

During that time, I totally forgot about my weight because I went into survival mode and I purely focused on healing my anxiety, depression and trauma.

In the process, I became one of LA’s top Hypnotherapists and Mind Coaches.

If you see footage of me on Doctor’s show from early on in my career, you’ll see that I had some weight on me.

Sasha Sugery

It wouldn’t be until I was in a better emotional place that I had enough bandwidth to tackle my eating issues.

The more I worked to heal people’s minds, the more I saw that tapping into the subconscious mind was the key to change.

I used the same techniques on myself and was at last able to stop comfort and anxiety eating and overeating and get to a body weight that I’m comfortable in.

I now have over 15 years of experience working with women on food and weight issues, as it’s always been a top request.

My 3 Step Process to Help You. . .

#1:  We are going to change your subconscious mind’s coordinates because trying to create change through will power never work.  Your subconscious mind, which is the part of the mind that runs on autopilot, will always go back to it’s old programming.

That’s why it’s crucial that we free you of the old habits that have been sabotaging you.  Along the way, you gain both the confidence and body that you’ve been wanting.

#2:  We are going to unravel the unhealthy associations that your mind has with food so that you are no longer easily triggered or find yourself going to food for comfort.

By doing this, you’ll be empowered and in control no matter what and it’ll be much easier to slim down.

#3:  We use techniques that make your mind super receptive.  This matters because the same way your subconscious mind works to block out the negative from your mind, since it’s not rational or logical, it often blocks out the positive from your mind as well.  That’s why traditional therapy can only do so much and why so many of our clients are therapists.

This is a must for getting you to trim out and look fabulous in your skinny girl jeans!

Your Discovery Call

You deserve high-level transformational support and access to the right tools.

If you are committed to making yourself a priority and boosting your confidence as you slim down and feel great, then book a 15 minute discovery call with Sasha.

During this call, we’ll evaluate what needs to change, how we are going to change it and your next steps.

Our goal is to create a strategy that is going to work for you.

My goal is not to sell you but if you do believe that I’m the best person to help you do what you hadn’t been able to do before, then it will be my pleasure to talk to you about that.

Please note: I do take on a limited number of people every month.

Sasha Carrion by Ted Sun (www.tedsun.net)

What Sasha's Clients Have Said...

Silvana’s Results

With Sasha’s program, I improved my relationship with food as well as considerably reducing my sugar cravings. As time went by, I started to release weight and feeling better in my own skin, feeling more confident. What’s even more amazing is that I kept my motivation for exercising as a side effect on my mindset work.

Before picture: I took this picture for my website , but I had my niece come to the photo shoot because I was too embarrassed and scared. She made me smile but I was extremely uncomfortable taking these pictures.

Last month, before attending a wedding, feeling super comfortable on this dress and feeling amazing about my body. I shed some pounds but I’ve gained a ton of love for myself ❤️


Weight Loss results



Debbie is a graduate of my program.

She originally came in to see me years ago. I helped her to quit smoking. Years later, she joined my program.

  • She had a slow metabolism from so much yo-yo dieting.
  • She found it hard to lose weight.
  • She went on to release 40 pounds!
Weight Loss program reviews and results

What Nina had to say:

I originally came in for emotional eating and bingeing. I could feel the benefit after the first session. That’s why I kept doing it. Sasha has incredible intuition and a great depth of experience that helps her see what your core issues are. I didn’t know how limited my thinking was back then but she knew. Sasha has since helped me with my confidence. I am now running my own business! As you play her audio over and over, you are creating a new tape for your own brain. You’re not listening to the old tape that wasn’t helpful. She has given me the fastest results compared to other well-respected therapists, best-selling hypnotherapy CDs, best-selling self help books, life coaches, psychics, etc. Sasha is the real deal.
On a side note: Nina is now a health and fitness coach!

What Anahit had to say:

I was so happy with Sasha that I even tried hypnotherapy with Sasha to lose weight. Coming from a sugar addict, I just do not crave sweets anymore. No one believes that I just don't want to eat sweets. I can't thank Sasha enough for what she has done for me. She has given me my happiness back and there is no price for that. Thank you so so so much Sasha! (Excerpt from longer review)

What Julia Pid had to say:

Sasha has been so helpful in my journey to wellness. I have struggled for years with eating and body dysmorphia, and Sasha’s work was able to completely shift my mindset. I highly recommend this process for anyone who has been struglling for a long time. This has helped me break a bad haboit, and I am so grateful for her positivity. Thank you Sasha!

What Bianca had to say:

I met with Sasha seven months ago for a sugar addiction I've had since I was a teenager. I would have to have chocolate everyday, three times a day. I would go to Starbucks everyday and get their sugar filled drinks and now when I want something sweet which is once a week, I've found much healthier alternatives. It was affecting my health and my appearance. I'm so thankful Sasha was able to help me.

What Andrea B.D had to say:

Sasha is great! I want to her for help with weight loss and for the first time, something’s working!! I creave salads andwater, am put off by large plates of food, or pastas, greasy things, etc. So unbelievably effective!

What Cathie had to say:

I cannot recommend Sasha highly enough.

My issue? Sweet treats. Even though I have medical issues, etc., NOTHING motivated me to stop eating sweets. Not weight gain, not unhealthy blood test results, NOTHING. I chanted to find a way - THE WAY - to find a way to become motivated to care enough about myself to create a healthier lifestyle. Sasha Carrion gave me the tools to get healthy, and for me, it happened instantly. I'm blown away, quite frankly, by how much change there's been in my behavior, WITHOUT struggle.

Today when we had our monthly birthday cake celebration at work for all the May birthdays, when I looked at the desserts that I would have had multiple slices of pre-Sasha Carrion, and then would eat even more crap tonight, because there was never enough sweets to fill me up - the once irresistible items might as well have been post-its - they had absolutely no appeal to me.

I could go on and on. Sasha Carrion is the real deal. Love yourself. I hope everyone gets the help they need! 🙂 (Excerpt from longer review)

What VI had to say:

I was referred to Sasha by my trainer to help me in my weight loss program. I was generally doing well, but was prone to intense food cravings (particularly sweets!), which when I gave into them, one treat easily turned into 20! Needless to say, that could be a killer for my goals. My trainer suggested that I give Sasha a shot and I'm so glad I did! I wasn't sure hypnosis would work since I've never tried it before but within less than 5 min., she had me completely under! Incredible! She was super professional and helpful and totally helped me curb those food cravings. Not only that, she is such a sweet and positive person, it made our sessions so enjoyable. Finally, unlike other therapists who just want to rope you in for as many sessions as possible, Sasha made me an audio recording of our session that I can listen to to hypnotize myself and reinforce all the good suggestions she made during our sessions. She's very big about having you help yourself and doing what's best for you in the most cost effective manner. That speaks a wealth about her integrity and desire to help her patients in my book. And the recorded session worked just as well as the live session--I still don't know what's on the full recording because I always get hypnotized and pass out before the end! If you're thinking about hypnotherapy or need help with any issues, then you have to give Sasha a try. She's fabulous!

What Annie had to say:

Hi Sasha! I’m doing great. So far I didn’t give in to my cravings at night and tomorrow will be 7 days in a row! I’m feeling better, stronger, and encouraged. I still feel the cravings but since a couple of days ago, the intensity has gone down a bit.

Just wanted to say hi and show you the progress I’ve made this month. I’m finally sticking to my no sugar lifestyle and it’s been paying off!!

What J had to say:

Freedom is the best way to describe how I felt after my first session with Sasha. My life revolved around food. Every thought from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed revolved around food in one way or another, whether it was the food I was going to eat or the clothes that didn't fit or the diet I needed to start. I am in charge of my life now, I am in control of what I put into my body. I highly recommend Sasha Carrion's Coaching Hypnosis Weight Loss Program to anyone struggling with weight loss or food addiction.

What Chris C. had to say:

Sasha is simply amazing!!!! As the owner of a Private Personal Training and Weight Loss business, I have referred many of my clients to Sasha over the last several years.

Although most of the clients I refer are initially skeptical, once they meet Sasha all fears and skepticism quickly go away. Sasha's practice is based on scientific research and proven methods. She is extremely friendly and down to earth and she has the amazing ability to make anyone feel very comfortable and relaxed from the moment they first meet her.

Even more importantly she gets RESULTS!!! I have sent clients to her for everything from breaking sugar addictions, to stopping self destructive behavior, to quitting smoking. She has an amazing success rate and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is serious about making a change in their life.

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