A Tour Of My Swanky Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching Office in LA

A Tour Of My Swanky Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching Office in LA


A Tour Of My Swanky Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching Office in LA.

Good morning guys!. I’m here, I just arrived to my office and on my way in I was thinking about it, I was thinking God you know a lot of people have never been to my office and it would be great if I actually got to show them around, so we’re literally just in the hallway walking up, and so there we go and here is the nice sign that

says my practices name which is amazing to me let me tell you that to me it felt so good when I first saw my name on that plaque I know it sounds funny but it meant a whole lot to me.

Okay and so now I’m opening the door and this is inside and there’s a little teddy teddy

so Teddy’s kind of like the work dog he tends to come in every morning, hi teddy, hi baby boy, hi teddy dog. And this is my waiting area here you can see in the background and so I actually have a really nice big suite so the funny thing is that I’m those of you that know me know that I am a meticulous person, in fact to be totally honest I’m kind of borderline on the perfectionist side, and so a lot of times when you make videos on not being too much of a perfectionist, or being too highly critical or too tough on yourself, honestly the reason why I make those is because of myself, because I get those kind of thoughts and a lot of the times the stuff that I end up sharing with you is stuff that I tell myself.

Okay so as you walk in, you see I’ve got two suites and I’ve got this amazing sign that I had made with my name which felt really, really good and by the way one of the people, the person that actually made my logo is a client of mine, isn’t that awesome? So, it’s funny because one of the things that I have found is that whenever I have any kind of business that I need to give to anybody, I usually actually tend to give it to my clients, maybe it’s loyalty, I don’t know, maybe it’s the fact that I’ve had these strong relationships with people but that’s the way I tend to rolland so, and then I have my amazing pagoda,and this is an antique that I picked upat a at a Chinese antique store because I tend to like Asian decor, I love Asian decor, hence why we have the Buddha over here, we have this cool-looking Buddha and then I also have this if I remember correctly it’s a Han Dynasty barrel that I brought in and then I also had made this japanese-style table so this was made just for me and then I have a Buddhist Bell back here as well and then you see here this which is, amazing isn’t it?.

I actually love wood carvings and no surprise I actually love the arts and crafts tradition anything that’s handmade, I really, really value and then I also have this really cool bench, you know the funny thing is that when I used to, before I got this office when I used to do all my sessions out of my home office, when people would walk in, they would always think that I was gonna hypnotize them on that bench, which is hilarious because that bench, while beautiful is probably the most uncomfortable thing on the face of the earth and that is why I had these really nice couches actually custom-made for these spots and there are both of them right there.

Now I’m gonna take you into my hypnotherapist office, so this is where all my hypnotherapists do their sessions, it’s a nice cozy ofice, another thing that I did was that even the furniture here you’ll notice I have like two-tone furniture throughout the office this was custom-made for me too, I had that custom-made, I know I could have bought already made furniture but I just I just wanted a certain look for the place and then there’s the chair and then this beauty here, isn’t that amazing when I bought this I was told that it was jade of course I don’t know if it really is jade but, isn’t that amazing? okay look at the detail on that and then I’ll top it up just look at the the stand that it’s on this beautiful wood.

So this is my second office, I’m gonna show you my office now and, of course, my office is is my little haven.

Tan tan-tan tan tan-tan, so I have a very nice, very very nice office, it’s a very comfortable space and it’s a huge space for the Westside, it’s very nice.

The majority of these are all my plaques, my different awards that I’ve gotten throughout the years, the different trainings that I’ve done different certifications and then you see my hutch which is part

of the furniture that I that I had custom-made and then that little stack, that little carving that you see up there I actually picked that up when I went to the Galapagos Islands a few years ago.

For those of you that may not know, before I had my son, I used to travel all over the world, I would take off constantly, I was hypnotizing people and then taking off and going to wherever I wanted to go to and so that little sculpture right there it commemorates the day that I actually did a dive with hammerhead sharks and so that was my I’ve been in the water with sharks before but that was my first time doing a dive with sharks. And then, here you can see my setup here and I’ve got a really good mic, you can see here, and as you can see I’m right in front of Sepulveda, I’ve got a really nice view, so what’s great about my location is that I’m really close to the or and the , so a lot of people can easily get to me.

Then here, you can see where I tend to record the new audios that I’ve been making for my new programs and everything, a lot of times I use this to record and then I send the files to somebody and have them go ahead and edit, and then let me show you my massive dry erase board, so I don’t know if you can tell proportions through this but, this thing is so massive and of course when I bought it I accidentally had it delivered to the apartment and it was just huge it could not even get inside the apartment they had just left it outside because I wasn’t there during the day, so then I had to pay somebody a few hundred bucks to bring it in here and so this is how I am, this is how I I pretty much strategize, I just have to look at things and just break them down and see what I’m doing, and for me today it’s actually quite important because today I’m doing my first web class. It was actually supposed to be last Thursday but then unfortunately we had some software malfunction and that was that so I was really bummed out last week when I went to do it, but today it’s happening and for those of you that are women that want to slim down and be healthy you should definitely join us, you can go to powerfulwoman.me and sign up. It’s today at 6 o’clock.

Well guys I hope you’ve enjoyed my little tour of my office, I hope that each and every one of you comes in one day and regardless of whether you’re seeing me or one of my hypnotherapists, you know my doors are always welcome to you, in fact some of my clients honestly are like family, they kind of come in and it’s pretty cool. All right guys, have a wonderful day and I will chat with you again soon.


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