A Story of How Hypnotherapy Can Help with Physical Issues

A Story of How Hypnotherapy Can Help with Physical Issues


A Story of How Hypnotherapy Can Help with Physical Issues. Years ago, a girl email me, she had lost her voice, we’ve all lost our voice at some time or another, but what happened in her case was that it never came back, so imagine that months went by and she was desperate because she feared that she was gonna lose her job.

She was pretty much on her own, she didn’t have her dad in her life, she hadn’t spoken to her mom in years and she was so desperate that she wanted to see if hypnotherapy could help her. I was totally honest with her and I told her: listen I’ve never worked on this topic before but if you’re willing to give it a shot I will do my absolute best to help you.

What ended up happening was that she came in for a session and I did the session but before I did the session, I was so concerned about how everything would go that I even prayed to God and asked him to please lead me and please help me to help her.

I did the session, I gave her suggestions, not just for her mind but also for her body and for her throat to function exactly the way it’s supposed to. What ended up happening was that a week later, the people that she worked with could tell a difference, then three weeks later she found that 90% of her voice had come back.

Amazing right? even I was really surprised and I was so happy that the session helped her and that was just in one session, usually things take a little bit more time, so it just goes to show you that the mind and body they’re all interconnected. Many times we tend to think of the mind as something very separate from the body but that’s not the case. Since then, I’ve always given my clients who had physical ailments who were looking to heal both suggestions for their minds and bodies.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this little story, I hope you’re having a great Sunday and I look forward to chatting with you guys again tomorrow.

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