The Benefits of Going to Bed Early


The Benefits of Going to Bed Early. You know, the other day I was doing a conference call with some of the women in my Weight Release program and one of the things that came up is that one of the reasons why a lot of people don’t get up and go work out in the morning is because they stay up late at night and what is everybody doing when they stay up their own, watching TV and it can be so addictive, but this is the thing, going to bed at a good hour, at a decent hour, can make a huge difference in our lives, because when we do it, we can get up early and get going and go to the gym.

Go to the gym, go work out early in the morning as opposed to saying, I’ll do it after work or during lunchtime, because, let’s be honest, it’s very easy for us to to put it off, because there’s just so much stuff that comes up in the day. It kind of feels like there’s always something that needs to be done and so, if you go to bed early then you can wake up in the morning and get it done and by getting it done, what happens is that it gives you feelings of satisfaction and it gives you this feeling of achievement, early in the day and honestly that’s a great way to start your day.

Another benefit to really getting your season is that, it makes it so that your brain is better able to function the way it’s supposed to and it makes it so that you’re better able to cope with stress and all the stuff that comes up during the day and so if you’re looking to improve your health and do something really simple, that’s gonna make a big difference in your life. Start getting up early and go to bed early as well, go to bed early, wake up early, go work out and by working out in the morning too one of the benefits is that you’re able to release any excess energy and just vent things out that you need to.

Just get out in a really safe and really healthy way as opposed to feeling the need or desire to cope by using alcohol, drugs or other stuff and so if there’s one thing that you can most definitely do right now that would make the biggest difference in your life is, go to bed early and I know many of you are thinking oh but I love this particular show, well one of the things that you can do is just make it so that you watch it whatever it is earlier that or watch it you know maybe on the weekends or something like that one of the things that I want to point out is that a lot of times we forget that the stuff that we watch on TV it’s not real. It’s totally made up, your life your very valuable life, is completely real and so that’s why you want to make sure that you’re doing everything to live the best life possible and that you’re keeping your mind and body all of the tools necessary so that it can all function exactly the way it’s supposed to, because the thing about sleep is that, it’s not like other things, where you can just seek the next day and that’s enough, no, it’s almost as though when it comes to sleep, it’s almost as though your mind keeps a tally of what you owe it and it still wants it ,still needs it.

I’m actually on my way to the zoo right now, I don’t know if you can see back here my little guy, he’s all passed out, look at him, adorable, little, chinito, baby. We’re actually gonna take him to the zoo again, today because he really liked it. I think he’s kind of like his mama he likes he likes animals.

All right guys, have a wonderful day and I look forward to chatting with you again tomorrow.

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