No More Keeping Child Sexual Abuse Quiet


No More Keeping Child Sexual Abuse Quiet. 

There are certain things that should never be kept quiet and one of those is sexual abuse. yet, in so many cases, I’ve seen it where a family member finds out that a child has been abused and instead of doing something to help that child or to help make sure that that child gets justice for what happened for the sake of showing that child that they’re valuable and that what happened to them should have never happened to them, instead they do nothing and many times they do nothing because they don’t want to rock the boat, many of the people who sexually abuse children are people that are within the same family and I’ve heard situations where a person tells me: Oh I don’t wanna, I don’t want to cause problems, because then you know our families, they’re gonna separate. They’re not gonna be close to each other anymore. Instead of thinking of that child.

I’ll put it to you this way, a child that experiences sexual abuse that is not supported and given everything that they need what happens many times is, they grow up to be adults that have a whole lot of problems and it’s like they’re carrying this baggage, this weight on them. Do you know what that’s like? It’s horrible! I’ve seen situations in which a -something year-old man is still hurting going over every single day, everything that was done to him, it’s very sad.

That’s why I ask that if you ever find out about any form of abuse, whether it’s sexual abuse or any other form of abuse, that you take a stand and that you are not one of those people that just keeps quiet.

It’s important that we all commit to the safety of those that cannot take care of themselves and I’m talking about children, I’m also talking about animals as well, you know in the grand scheme of things, what we have is each other and it’s important that we be able to count on each other and do what’s right and do what’s right regardless of anything and anybody and be especially supportive of children who need it, when they most need it.

Well, I hope this message has resonated with you and I look forward to chatting with you tomorrow. For more information about it please visit my website.


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