Trust in The Toughest Of Situations


Trust in The Toughest Of Situations

Imagine that we started getting emails and voicemails telling us about a teenager that was at a Children’s Hospital that had suffered from a severe accident. He couldn’t walk and he was suffering from clinical depression. Because of it and his mother knew that he needed help and for her the only person that could help her son was me and so she was hell-bent on me working with her son right away and she said that the reason why she wanted to make sure it was me it was because years ago many years ago I had worked with her daughter and she said I had completely transformed her. They came in today, I did his first session he went in beautifully into the hypnotic state.

I’m expecting good things. Doctors have told him that he will not walk again, others have said I’ve said the chances are very slim, he’s got a road ahead of him but even so, I know that miracles happen all the time and so I’m holding that space for him and just giving his mind and body all kinds of healing suggestions and so we shall see what happens. It was it was pretty cool to have that family come in here, because I could feel that connection, that rapport and it’s nice, because when people come in like that it feels like they’re family, like they know this is home and they’re safe here and they can tell me anything and I’ll help them, it feels good to be that person that people can trust.

I hope you’re having a wonderful day and I look forward to chatting with you again and hopefully soon I’ll have start having some good updates, positive updates on my client. Bye for now!


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