Manifesting For Your Friends Can Help You Too


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Simply by putting out positive energy towards the goals of your loved ones, you can help yourself. This is particularly so when you do it through something called “hypno-prayer”. Manifestation through hypnosis and prayer are similar in many ways. They are both powerful as you are putting out to God/the universe what you want. Imagine what would happen if we all focused on praying as well as manifesting by hypnosis for each other. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all put that kind of good will and positive energy out for each other?

The idea of doing a hypno-prayer came to me via a client who after learning how to hypnotize herself, started adding in her prayers images and feelings of what she wanted as if she was living them in the present – the same way she would when she was hypnotizing herself. It was almost as if she was sending God a direct message saying, “This is what I really want, I ask that you please make it happen.” Instead of sending a vague message, she was specific as to what she wanted. I thought it was ingenious – a way of praying that combines some of the most powerful laws of the subconscious mind.

When I first started testing manifesting for others through hypnosis, I started by relaxing a little and imagining my friends and clients smiling as they achieved their goals. I saw the screenwriter/director succeeding in the entertainment world, the broker selling a bunch of homes, the actor auditioning perfectly and getting the part, my student friend passing her test and the entrepreneur successfully starting a profitable business. The interesting thing was that seeing the people that I cared about achieving their goals in my mind, made my own manifesting even more special. When I went to create images and feelings based on my own goals, my mind more readily accepted the things that I was putting out for myself.

Each day I concentrated on different people and each day it was easy to see myself reaching my goals. I realized that from seeing other people succeeding, the mind is much more receptive to the idea of “success” since there is no resistance to other people succeeding and your manifesting is in many ways a continuation of the manifesting you’ve already done for other people. The mind goes along for the ride.

Talk to a group of your friends and decide to do hypno-prayers for each other. Not only will you be putting out positive energy out for each other but you’ll also find out a little more about what is really important to your friends.

To practice this form of self-hypnosis:

  1. Close your eyes and start to breathe deeply and slowly.
  2. In your mind, experience the people that you care about reaching their goals. See and feel your friend so happy. Really be in the moment as you do this. Notice that it feels really good for you to experience this for them.
  3. Next, imagine yourself, maybe with a big smile on your face, feeling great as you reach your goals. Experience it as though it’s happening in the moment.

(Please note, we all have different dominant senses – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. Utilize whichever combination applies to you. However you do it is how it needs to be done.)

Almost as a reward for praying/manifesting happiness in others, your mind is quicker to accept success. Besides, being happy isn’t just about our being happy but about seeing the people that we love around us happy, healthy and succeeding with us.

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