A Hypnotherapist in the mind of a child

Teenager Hypnosis Therapy Los Angeles
Me from the viewpoint of a child

Some of my funnest clients tend to be kids. This is a picture that one of my youngest clients drew for me.  It’s interesting to see how he views me. His mind has composed a picture that takes into account what he knows.  In his mind things like the magic are very much real.  That’s because young children do not fully know the difference between imagination and reality.  To him, I must be a magician because in his mind, I work magic.  He’s given me a magic hat and some kind of dress-like gown.  That’s probably something that he’s seen on Harry Potter.  Kids have amazing imaginations which make them great candidates for hypnosis.  For many children, correcting unwanted behavior at an early age can really give them an advantage in life.  My understanding is that his teacher said that whatever I had done had worked.  She could see the difference.

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