Hypnotherapy For Temper & Anger Control

Anger Management Help Los Angeles

Anger is a natural yet at times destructive emotion that every person experiences at some point in time. It can be brought on by a mere thought and can range from feelings of mild irritation to full blown rage.  Underlying most feelings of anger are feelings of disappointment and hurt.  Often, hurt is camouflaged as anger in people who believe that expressing their hurt, or admitting to having such feelings, makes them weak and ineffectual.

 Explosive Anger

Some people have a harder time dealing with anger than others. Some people are simply more “hot-headed” than others and become angry with very little provocation.  Because they already feel overwhelmed, it is very easy for them to be set off by things that to another person might be considered “small.”

 Passive Aggressive Anger

Others deal with anger by trying to suppress it.  They pretend that it doesn’t exist and re-focus their attention on something else.  Anger suppression is an extremely bad idea. It doesn’t work because the anger is still very much present and often comes out in other ways. Without an outlet, it turns inward and festers inside and can cause long term emotional damage.  It can also affect a person’s health.  Tell tale signs of anger suppression can be seen in passive-aggressive behaviors and in personalities marked by cynicism and hostility. Such people have a hard time forming lasting and fulfilling relationships.

Hypnosis For Anger Control

Hypnosis can help you take control of your emotions by addressing, resolving and then retraining the mind to perceive situations differently.  Hypnosis gives you a healthy outlet to process feelings.  During a session, we are able to identify root causes making it possible to alleviate feelings of hurt and rage.  Through specific techniques, you are able to communicate your needs without yelling or berating another person.  By asserting oneself in such a calming way the mind becomes more at ease as the physiologic responses to anger, namely the increased heart rate and the rush of adrenaline through the body are eliminated.

Dealing with anger takes time and training, but with consistent hypnosis and practice, you can reach your goals.  I like to give my clients tools to help them remain calm in any situation.  For example, you will be taught how to use self hypnosis and breathing as a means of bringing yourself to balance.

Anger management can indeed be a challenging proposition, but with Hypnotherapy you can make the process of learning to keep a cool head much easier.





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