Love Yourself & Build Self Esteem

Learn To Love Yourself and Build Self Esteem

Normally, you learn how you are going to feel about yourself from your parents, by the adults around you, but not everybody is born to functional positive parents.  Not everybody could count on the people who should have been there, who should have been the parents.  That’s why I always say that the playing field is not level.

Some people are born to dysfunctional parents who are overly critical and abusive to their children.  Others lose a parent, have no parents, or have a parent who is neglectful so they might as well not even have been there.

In both cases, it can be where you just didn’t get the emotional support and training that you needed and because of it, you never learned to love yourself.  For many, self love is an unknown.

Stop the Negativity

That’s why when times get tough, instead of being able to cope with a situation and continue to feel good, a person will often internalize anything that has gone wrong.   Feeling bad becomes normal.  They default at giving their power away instead of standing up for themselves.  In certain situations, a person can even give up and completely sabotage themselves, instead of following through with what they really want.

Just because something has been a certain way doesn’t mean that it needs to stay the same.  As children, we have no protection.  Everything gets in.  That’s why the cliché of most of our problems going back to our childhood is totally true.  When you’re an adult, everything changes, because you are responsible for you.

You are worthy

Now is your time to take control, especially if you are an adult. You are responsible for moving your life in the direction that you want it to go, regardless of how crappy your childhood might have been.

Maybe you’re not used to believing in yourself, or even feeling good about yourself, but if you want to love yourself,  you’ve got to start somewhere and some time.  You’re not a lost cause and you can always live the life you want.  Start now.  The first step is that you commit to yourself.  You commit to yourself regardless of anything and anybody.

Next, I suggest that you use hypnosis to train your mind like a muscle.  You want to have a mind conditioned to focus on the good in you.  This takes consistency.  It takes some work.  But it’s doable.   Once you start being consistent, you’ll notice that it comes instinctively to feel positive about yourself and do things that are in line with your happiness.  Take action and do whats right for you.   You deserve it.


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