Mind Control – How The Media is Manipulating You on a Daily Basis

Real Life Mind Control – How The Media Manipulates You

The media uses the power of suggestion to influence (manipulate) your beliefs and actions on a daily basis. It’s a subtle form of mind control that most are desensitized to, because it is is everywhere.  Most people never even question it.  It is often used by the different news outlet who spin the news to their liking, companies looking to sell products that are unnecessary and bad for you and politicians who want your vote.  The power of suggestion works so well, that large corporations pay incredible sums of money to alter your perceptions. The goal isn’t just to sell a product, but to have you buy into all the feelings and beliefs that go into it, whether they are true or completely false. That’s why companies train you to think “Happy” when you eat and drink stuff that’s bad for you.

Everybody is different so some people will be more vulnerable to certain products and ideas than others. Some will even blindly accept political opinions that are heinous and hateful even if they believe themselves to be good God fearing people because they were unfortunately manipulated by a Politician who just wants to rile up support for himself. And we all know the incredible damaging power of certain cults and extremist groups.

My point is that the power of suggestion is real and it works. In the same way that the power of suggestion can be used against you in a negative way, you can use it to your benefit in a very much positive way. You can apply specific principles to stimulate your mind to alter the way you think and behave that will bring you personal growth and happiness, the kind that you just can’t buy.


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