How You Can Use Hypnotherapy to Alleviate Pain


Did you know that there is a strong mental component to pain?  That’s because there is a strong correlation between our perception of pain and the level of intensity at which we feel it.  It’s no surprise that time and time again, research studies have shown that hypnotherapy is an effective tool in relieving pain.  So how does it work?

First, the client is put into a deep state of relaxation by use of progressive relaxation techniques such as breathing. These are some of the same techniques used by ER doctors who are trained in the process of calming patients for the purpose of decreasing their pain.

The client is then guided through a series of images and positive suggestions to help transform negative pain associations into something more manageable and less frightening; a sensation they can actually learn to control. There are many different techniques used to alter the perception of pain. Some of these include some of the same techniques that yogis use when they successfully walk on hot coals or lay on a bed of needles.  The mind is powerful.  It can be reframed to to process and perceive pain in a much more positive way, enabling an increase in comfort levels.

Even by just decreasing stress and anxiety, a person’s pain levels can be decreased. In some situations, a person can even come to sense pain as a comfortable sensation.

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