Balancing Motherhood and a Career – My Video for Yahoo and Walgreens

Sasha on Motherhood and Coaching

Balancing motherhood with a busy career is no walk in the park.  Yahoo and Walgreens recently asked me to shoot a little video on this very same topic for them. I really enjoyed shooting for this project. I’ve gone through many changes in my adult life but hands down, one of the most altering has been having my son Kai. When I had him, everything changed.  Before, my career was once my top priority. I use to invest many hours of research and work long hours because my goal was to be one of the best in the world of life coaching and hypnotherapy.  I’m a meticulous person by nature so I couldn’t help but be detailed oriented in my sessions. That is what helped me get my clients the results that they wanted and that is what brought me success.

Sasha on Mothership and Coaching

When my son arrived, everything changed. I realized that I needed to make sure that I spent plenty of quality of time with him. I didn’t have a family growing up so it was really important to me that I take really good care of the family that I now had.  I’m not going to lie. That transition was tough for me at the beginning especially since I had a very colicky baby. Nothing that I tried helped. It was only after his stomach matured that he stopped incessantly crying. This meant that I could only spend a small fraction of time on my career. It was quite an adjustment to make.

Fast-forward many months and my son’s stomach has now matured to where he no longer cries.  I still only work certain hours and have now brought in some of what I consider “the best hypnotherapists in LA” to help me.  I have them focus on seeing my clients so that I can focus on creating online content so that I can help more people including those living far away or who could otherwise not afford to come see me.

Motherhood has taught me that in order for me to be at my best, I need to carve out time to take care of myself and do such things as go to the gym, read a book and relax and unwind with a cup of hot tea even for 15 to 20 minutes. Those little things make a world of a difference, especially when it matters more than ever. The way I see it, I only have one shot at being this little boy’s mother. I’m going to give him all of the love and care that I didn’t have as a kid.

Yahoo and Walgreen

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