The Idea That There Is No Such Thing As Unhealthy Food Is a Lie.

The Idea That There Is No Such Thing As A Bad Food Is a Lie. Soda is bad for you.

“There is no bad or good food.  The bad thing is being inactive.”

The food industry is not here to cure diseases, that’s the job of the pharmaceutical industry”. These are the words of Rafael Urrialde, the Director of Nutrition and Health for Coca-Cola Spain. He thinks we should accept that the role of healing diseases does not belong to the food industry but to the pharmaceutical industry. He also thinks food is not bad in itself as “it all depends on the amount you consume”. According to him, the strategy to fight  obesity needs to changed. “Today the top priority should be on physical activity. Our body is designed to move, everything else is secondary”.  “Coca-Cola doesn’t target any marketing communication to children younger than 12 years but these measures are obviously inadequate. We have to increase daily physical activity and to reduce inactivity”.   Original article from Spanish.  It was published in El Confidencial newspaper, June 18th 2013.

A coca cola no le importa tu salud

The reality is that food quality is not the same and there are good and bad foods.   Regardless of what anybody says, you needs to decide what is right for you.  Yes, eating certain foods might not mean that you are harming yourself in the moment that you are consuming them, but in the long run, their consumption may end up being the source of disease, even if you aren’t eating or drinking it excessively. A good example of this is with soda.  Having one soda a day can up your chances of getting Type 2 Diabetes, even in thin, normal weight people.  It can also speed up aging by 4.6 years and can cause you to gain 10 to 15 pounds in one single year.  Consuming processed food regularly can increase your chances of chronic illness.  Why do you think there are more food-related diseases than ever, especially in countries where so much processed food is consumed?  That’s why, it’s important that you not believe the lies.

Stick to foods that provide vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs.  Consider the amount of nutrients in a food item as compared to any other substances that might be harmful.  A few second or minutes of eating something isn’t worth hurting yourself.

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