Making Healthy Food for My Baby

Taking Our Health to the Next Level

Making Healthy Food for My Baby. I am taking our health to the next level, for my family and for me. There’s something about being a mother where it brings this strong desire for you to take care of your little one in a way that you would have never imagined before. Of course, I’m now at a point in my life where I am also really committed to taking really good care of myself as well.

I’ve did some research on what other superfoods I could add to the juices and smoothies that I make us. I usually make two a day with all kinds of different ingredients. And of course, it’s baby’s job to press the button to get the blender going. The moment I tell him that it’s time for him to help mommy, he quickly runs over. Here are 4 new ingredients that I’ll be using.

Moringa, red beet, maca and camu. I’ve had camu powder before and on it’s own, it’s absolutely gross. The good thing is that in a smoothie, you can totally mask the taste, especially if you are adding just a bit. I’ve learned to get strategic with this baby. : )

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