Understanding Low Self-Esteem After Being Raised By Dysfunctional Abusive Parents


Understanding Low Self-Esteem After Being Raised By Dysfunctional Abusive Parents. Being a mother has really conveyed to me that only a person that is highly dysfunctional could be abusive to a child. You know as a mother, the way I see it, is that my job is to really love and support my son so that he can be whoever he’s meant to be. But if you’re like me and many others who were born to dysfunctional people unfortunately we do not see things the same way, and it’s tough because a part of you knows that it was really a dysfunctional behaviour completely unhealthy and yet another part of you personalized everything that was done to you.

You can’t imagine how many times I hear people tell me about their mess of parents they had and yet they’re telling me that all of what was done to them, all those words and behaviours have them believing that they’re worthless. Logically and rationally, we know that the parent behaviour was off and it was all about them and yet this person is now an adult who is still thinking the way a child does.

You know children they don’t know any better and so when they see certain things that are going wrong, certain things that are happening, they tend to personalize things and they tend to make themselves feel guilty for everything that’s happening, when it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with their messed-up parent.

So, if you’re experiencing this same scenario as an adult, then it’s very important that you start giving yourself a whole lot of self-love. I know that you weren’t probably taught to love yourself but it’s time that you teach it to yourself and it’s very important that you make it so that all the crap that happened in the past stays in the past, that if anything you make it so that it feels like it’s a million miles away.

It makes no difference if you went through some traumatic stuff, now it feels like a million miles away and my life now is great and that is honestly my goal for you.

This is just some food for thought so that you can really think about when brought this up so that you can really analyse your own situation and analyse your own relationship with yourself and make sure that you have that high self-confidence and that high self-worth because you’re worthy of that, and you’re worthy of you being happy. If you were still carrying that baggage of all that stuff that you learned either directly or through inferred behaviour, you need to release it because the truth is that all that stuff, all that crap, all those yucky feelings, they don’t belong to you when you think about it. If anything, you were slimed into them and so it’s time to take off the slime and allow yourself to be the shining star that you are.

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