A New Definition of Family: Who Do You Consider Your Family?


A New Definition of Family:  Who Do You Consider Your Family?

Family is an amazing thing given that people behave like family. That is why I want to present to you a new definition of family and as you’ll soon see, it doesn’t take into account being blood relatives.

1. Family relationships consist of people who love, value and support you and vice versa.

2. True family doesn’t just take, but wants to give because they care about your well-being. They also appreciate you and the kind things you do for them.

3. Family is there for you, especially when you are going through difficult situations. They want to help you through your struggles instead of making your struggles worse.

4. Family members, blood or not, lend an ear when you need it without judging you. They also tell you if you’ve made a stupid decision or are going down the wrong path because they care.

5. Family loves you even when you’ve made mistakes and if anything want to see you rise above whatever has happened.

6. They also don’t feel the need or desire to position themselves above you or make you feel less than.

Nobody is perfect. But that being said, there are some family members who chronically keep hurting you. Some of them are so use to it that they don’t even notice what they are doing to you. If the people that you consider your family are toxic towards you, then perhaps you need to reexamine your relationship with them.

The truth is: you don’t have to be play “family” just because someone shares genetics with you. Consider talking with that person about what is happening. I do have to warn you that some people are so set in their ways that they are completely closed off to even the possibility that they are hurting you. In cases like these, you may need to consider whether you even want them in your life.

Sometimes the people that we are not directly related to make better family members than the ones that we are related to. In the grand scheme of things, the people who truly love and support you are your real family. So choose wisely and spread your love to those that deserve it.


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