Good Sex For a Long Lasting Healthy Relationship


Good Sex For a Long Lasting Healthy Relationship.

While good conversation, similar values and trust are vital in a relationship, research is showing that good quality sex is one of the primary underlying factors of a satisfying lasting relationship. In a study published in The Journal of Psychological Science it was found that couples who reported having good sex also reported feeling more satisfied in their relationship. It was even found that these participants possessed a 48 hour afterglow that correlated with their high level of satisfaction. Not only does good sex make you feel good but it can enhance a couple’s connection emotionally and physically. It also acts as a great stress and tension reliever.

So what can you do to make sex good?

1. Be into it. According to The Journal of Sexual Research, being really interested in sex was found to be the strongest predictor of both sexual satisfaction and frequency of sex for both male and females.

2. Know what you like. Part of having good sex, is being aware of what you and your partner like. This way you can do it for each other.

3. Build up anticipation. This tip is particularly a good one for men. Guys, it’s a good idea to give your partner time to get in the mood as opposed to saying, let’s do it. Women and men are wired differently so it’s good to keep that in mind.

4. Be accepting of yourself and the moment. Remain mindful and accepting of yourself, as well as your partner in the bedroom. This will not only help you to be more present and engaged in the moment, but will also allow you to be fully vulnerable with your partner.

How often should a couple have sex? Well, that one is up to you. I will mention that studies show that couples who engage in sex at least once a week, report feeling closer to their significant other and overall happier, as well as fulfilled in their relationship compared to those whom engaged in sex less frequently.



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