The Two Disempowering Phrases You Should Eliminate From Your Life


The Two Disempowering Phrases You Should Eliminate From Your Life

If you are looking to heal and grow as a human being, then there are two most disempowering phrases that you absolutely need to stop thinking and saying.

The first one is, “I can’t.” I can’t is the most useless phrase that there is.
It only puts you in a state non-action, which means that you do nothing to do the important things that you want and need to do and it makes you feel powerless and helpless. Consider that whatever you say. . . every part of you, emotionally and physically will conspire to make it so. That’s the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot because you’re hurting yourself instead of helping yourself.

The next phrase that you should completely eliminate is, “This isn’t going to work for me.”
It makes no difference what you are doing for the sake of improving your well-being. It could be seeking one of the many forms of emotional therapy out there, seeking medical help for a physical ailment or starting a new health regimen so you can slim down, if you say, its not going to work for you, that’s exactly what is going to happen because you set it up that way. Somehow, one way or another, you will end up proving that you were right so don’t even allow your mind to go there.

Instead of practically cursing yourself with these ways of thinking and talking, I suggest you replace these phrases with phrases like I can. And if you are working on something in particular, start taking on the attitude of an empowered person by telling yourself and saying things such as, “I’m going to make this work for me. This is going to work for me.” This is the kind of take charge, empowering attitude that you want to have. I don’t care what you are doing right now to better yourself. The only way it’s going to work, is if you make it work, so take responsibility for your inner talk and steer it in the right direction.

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