Is Your Pickiness Keeping You Single?


Is Your Pickiness Keeping You Single?

You know what’s the biggest kiss of death when it comes to finding love? It’s trying to find the perfect person because the reality is that nobody is perfect. It’s good to have high standards such as being with a person who treats you a certain way and shares certain values. That makes sense. It’s the other stuff such as focusing way too much on how much a person makes, focusing on a particular ethnic background or skin color, or how tall or skinny a person is that is a problem.

All of those might be stopping you from being able to see the potential in a person. When you think this way, you can’t fully see all of what that person has to offer because it’s like you have these blinders on. You might think that your way of thinking is all about having high standards but in reality, it’s you just being picky.

And that can only hurt you. So for example, if you are somebody who feels that she’s only going to marry only a wealthy man, the kind that is in the 1% financial bracket, consider that you are severely limiting yourself.I mean… ridiculously. At the end of the day, money isn’t everything and a so to speak golden cage is still a cage if you aren’t happy with the person that you are with.It’s time that we all get back to the basics.

Choose to have high standards when it comes to the character and values of a potential mate. Because that’s what really matters. Everything else can get worked out one way or another.

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