You’re Never Too Old for Love: A Modern Love Story


You’re Never Too Old for Love: A Modern Love Story

Today, I’m going to share a very special story with you. Years ago, I had a woman come in and as a side conversation, she told me the most interesting story. She told me that she had been married for decades to a guy who had the worst disposition. For years, she put up with it and then one day, she said that something snapped in her and she decided no more. By now, she was 60 years old. She figured she would be alone for the rest of her life but that didn’t matter to her because at that point in her life, her goal was to just be happy and she knew that she wasn’t happy with him. She left and started a life as a single woman. She started being more social and more active. Just a few months later, while going to a music and dance night at a local restaurant, she met somebody. They hit it off so well that with time, they started living together. What was really cute was that she told me that they had certain things they would regularly do such as walk their dogs in the mornings and in the evenings. Cute right! By the time she came in to see me, they had already been together 5 years. So obviously, it had worked out between them.

The moral of this story is that you are never too old to experience love. You’ve just got to be open to it and make sure that you are in places and situations where you can possibly meet people. I’ll add to that that you should also consider online dating. It’s a must…. So get past any excuses you might have on it. You never know who you might meet.

The reality is that we humans are living longer than ever before. That means that there are plenty of people out there who just like you, are also interested in meeting a life partner. So if you’ve been down on yourself, shake it off and know that you are worthy of love regardless of your age!


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