Cheating: 10 Things That Cheaters Forget To Think About


Cheating: 10 Things That Cheaters Forget To Think About

To cheat or or not to cheat? Let’s be realistic. Most cheaters never really think through the ramifications of infidelity. That’s ironic because the ramifications are always huge. The aftermath of cheating can include (1) hurting your relationship to the point where the other person doesn’t want you in their life because they can’t let it go. (2)It can also cause a whole lot of pain and suffering to your partner, the very same person who you once swore your love to. (3) This can lead to a partner lashing out in anger verbally as well as in other ways. (4) Cheating can cause a partner to lose their self-confidence because they personalize the fact that their loved one preferred to be with somebody else than with them. (5) That can make a person feel absolutely worthless. That low self-confidence (6) can trickle into every part of their life leading to feelings of self-doubt and instability. That’s a horrible way to live.

And while a cheater might originally think that they are getting away with something fun, in the end, they might find themselves (7) experiencing guilt and shame over what they’ve done. Some people of course have no remorse whatsoever to the point where they will blame their partner by saying that it was their fault for doing or not doing something in particular in the relationship. That of course, doesn’t make sense. It’s just an excuse. Those people have even bigger issues that include not being able to take responsibility for their actions.
Back to our list… In general, cheaters tend to be (8) viewed as people with low integrity. That puts a cheater at the bottom of the totem pole of society with people looking down at them. A cheater might also (9) experience deep regret at seeing the pain that they have caused their loved one, especially if they plan to stay with their partner. It’s got to be horrible to see the person that you love no longer being the person that they are when they are at their best. Then there’s the (10) fact that all trust has gone out the window. Without trust in a relationship, a couple has nothing.

My point is that If you’re somebody who is tempted to cheat or has already started cheating on a partner, even if that relationship hasn’t been the most ideal relationship lately, consider how it could impact your lives. There are certain things that you can’t take back.


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