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Anna Pia Hubacher


I want to take a moment to introduce you to probably the most qualified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach that anybody could ever find.  

She’s also the person you want on your term and her name is Anna Pia Hubacher.  

Her training is solid:  

  • A Certified Hypnotherapist who attended HMI, the best and oldest school of hypnotherapy in the country.  
  • An NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) Practitioner
  • An Imagery Master Facilitator
  • A highly trained Life Coach who has completed multiple Landmark curriculums including:  Landmark Education Team, Management, Leadership and Wisdom Distinctions. 

A true student of the mind, she’s still nerding out on understanding how she can better help people to retrain their minds. Why does this all matter to you?  

Because I’ve found that the perfect recipe for a great healer is:

Knowledge + Really Caring + Integrity = A Great Healer

That is exactly what Anna Pia is.  

And that is why she is now at my office.  : )

Of course, before doing hypnotherapy, I do suggest that everybody do some Releasing/Letting Go work with Jerry, particularly if you are dealing with trauma, limiting beliefs, doubts and fears.  

It helps clear the mind so that we can then input all kinds of good stuff in with hypnotherapy.  

Other than hypnotherapy, it’s the one other technique that I think is powerful.

It’s something that even I use when things come up.  

After, you can then start up with Anna Pia.

To book your first appointment, feel free to go to this link.

A Big Hug,


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