Showing More “Cariño” in Your Own Interactions With Others


Cariño in spanish means to be kind, loving and show tenderness.

I feel like every culture brings it’s gifts to the world and I think that one of the gifts that we Latinos have is the ability to really connect with others. Over course, there are always exceptions but in general, I feel like we generally are very warm, emotional people. Connection is important to us, hence why most Latinos don’t want to do phone sessions. They want to come in and have you right in front of them.

I think that the ability to really connect with people and just in general do my best to come from a place of love and be 100% committed to helping my clients has super helped me to help my clients.

I imagine that if I only saw this a job, I would be like my first hypnotherapist. I walked out of there so disappointed. It wasn’t until I got a call from the woman that would be my hypnotherapist that everything changed for me. It turned out to be the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life. While that first initial experience was so disappointing, it showed me what not to do and the importance of having empathy and showing cariño with my clients.

A little of both make a huge difference. I remember years ago, reading about the cases of orphan children that were not shown basic love and affection. The repercussions of that impacted them to the point where they often found it difficult to function normally. My son has received a lot of love and support which is why he is so confident and happy. In the same way, my goal is to sprinkle a little bit of cariño and do everything I can to help so that each and every person I work with walks away even more empowered than when they first came in.

Consider what I’ve mentioned and see if you can show more empathy and cariño in your own interactions with others. With everything that is going on right now, you never know: Your positive interaction might end up making a big positive difference in somebody else’s life.

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