Affirmation: You Are Good Enough

Affirmation: You Are Good Enough

Affirmation: You Are Good Enough

You are Good Enough. Positive thinking can change your outlook and your life. Stop comparing yourself to other people — everyone is equal, and you are exactly what you need to be successful.

You need to focus in yourself and don’t waste any second in comparing with others. Beside, comparing your weaknesses with the strengths of others never works, it will only damage your self-esteem. It is not a fair comparison either.

There is no point in comparing with others because you never life exactly the same situations twice, especially because nobody else is like you. Even if you compare with a family member, with a sister or a brother, they are not you so the conditions to compare are not the same. This only drives to stop you from doing what you want to achieve. Nobody will do the same things as you in the same way you do it. The sooner you learn this, the better.

I leave you with a great quote by the great writer Mark Twain: “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

If you are having trouble internalizing the fact that you are good enough, hypnotherapy can help. Call Sasha today and visit my Pinterest boards for more advice to live better.


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