AFFIRMATION: Practice Gratitude


Are you feeling down on yourself because you don’t have certain material things? Maybe you’re focused on the big house, the better clothes, the partner, the fancy car.

It’s great to have goals to strive for, but when we find we’re judging ourselves for not having certain things — as opposed to celebrating our motivation to achieve our dreams — we need to do a gratitude check.

Whenever you notice you’re feeling negative, make a quick mental list of all the things you’re grateful for — they can be big, like a recent success at your job, or small, like that delicious peach you had for breakfast this morning.  It’s important that you take the negative filter that has been clouding your perception and try on a positive one that puts you in a state of positivity and gratitude.

Try it — you’ll find that a quick gratitude check can turn your whole day around!

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