Watch Me Hypnotize Nicole Richie on ‘Candidly Nicole’

candidly nicole sasha carrion nicole richieWhen the producers for VH1’s “Candidly Nicole” reached out to me, asking if I would be on the show, I said, “Yes,” without hesitation.

I was sure that hypnotherapy would make make for a great episode, since it’s a fun and versatile topic.  Add a big personality like Nicole Richie’s, and you have TV magic.

Sure enough, the experience was hilarious.  Going in, I knew the tone was going to be lighthearted, so I did my best to explain to Richie what hypnotherapy was and wasn’t, and then let her do her thing.  Boy, she did not disappoint.

I enjoyed sharing a few laughs as well as being shocked by her here and there.  Even when I saw the footage, I laughed again.

All in all, it was a great experience that I hope you enjoy watching.

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