The Truth About Hypnotizing

Hypnosis Realities: The Truth about Hypnotizing with Kevin Lepine

Do you ever wonder how it is that we hypnotize you?

Watch as Las Vegas Super Star, Kevin Lepine and I go over the mechanics of what it is to hypnotize a person on and off the stage. Kevin was so gracious as to share with us his protocol for making sure that all participants stay safe, have fun and feel good after the show. This is probably one of the most interesting videos that I’ve made to date. Watch it!

About Kevin Lepine:
With a certification in Hypnotherapy, Kevin is taking Comedy Hypnosis to a whole new level. Winner of “Best of Vegas” and other awards Kevin Lepine is thrilling audiences nightly with his show Hypnosis Unleashed on the Vegas Strip. Razor sharp comedy mixed with charm makes this the unforgettable show for your event. For more information visit:

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