The Power of Words and the Power of Suggestion

When people see stage shows, they often think that the hypnotist has some form of special people magical power, energy or even electricity. In reality, the hypnotist is using the power of words and suggestions to persuade his volunteers’ minds to do as told. To many, this may be a big surprise because they had no clue how truly powerful words were. To a person who doesn’t understand what hypnosis is, it all looks mystical and strange.

If you define hypnosis as an altered state in which the goal is to alter a person’s perception causing a desired effect to take place, then hypnosis is all around.   It is used by the media, particularly advertising, TV and film. It is used by politicians, as well as religions. By evoking feelings and changes in perception, the goal is to change a person’s way of thinking and behaving. This is how much of the world works. It’s what keeps us from doing certain things and what prompts us to do others.

It makes sense to use the power of words and suggestion to train your mind to do what you want it to do. There’s nothing more empowering than when you are able to alter your course in the direction that you want it to go in.

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