Breakup Advice – When In A One-sided Relationship

Are you in a one-sided relationship where you’re not getting what you want and need? Does your significant other actually take from your happiness, self esteem and self worth?

I’m going to give you some of the best advice my Grandmother, gave me, “No te enamores a lo pendejo.” That pretty much translates into, “Don’t fall in love stupidly.”

As blunt and funny as this sounds, it makes so much sense to me. While yes, it’s important to go with your emotions, you always need to ensure that you are in relationship that adds happiness to your life instead of being a source of negativity and let downs.

Women in general tend to be such nurturers; many love blindly, overlooking hurtful behavior and forgiving to the point to where they stop honoring themselves.

Countless times, I’ve seen women doing everything possible to make a relationship work without their boyfriend or husband putting in the same effort. A good example of this is a woman who gave so much of herself only to have had her significant other dump her when somebody else caught his attention. His response: Sorry. Besides, it wasn’t working out.

That was it! After years together! You can imagine how livid she was. She found herself feeling used, depleted and angry.

Don’t stay in a one-sided relationship that is harming your self esteem and self worth. If this is the current situation, you may want to look within to see how it is that you are finding yourself in this situation. One of the benefits from breaking up that most people never think about it is the opportunity to get to know yourself better and grow. The more honest you are with yourself, the more insightful your experience will be.

Maybe you have self worth or co-dependency issues. Maybe you are somebody who deep inside doesn’t believe that she can meet somebody else. See this time frame as an opportunity for you to construct the person you want to be… to be more self confident, to be bolder and braver. This time frame might just turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Sasha Carrion resides in Los Angeles California. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist / Mind Coach. Her reason for becoming a Hypnotherapist is a very personal one. At the age of five, her parents disappeared without a trace. It wouldn’t be until 24 years later that she would find out the chilling truth of what had happened. During this time, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy were the only things that helped relieve her anxiety and depression. She now focuses on helping people experience the same kind of life altering changes that she experienced.

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