Hypnosis Sessions for Children Suffering from Nerves and Anxiety

Children are not immune to the stressors of life. Just like with adults, anxiety can get the best of kids.  It can block them from learning, socializing, participating in sports, recalling information while taking a test, and so on.  In working with your child, my goal is to help him or her take control of their emotions by giving them control over their thoughts. Through imagery work and a variety of different mental techniques, we can create new positive associations that can help your child feel more confident so that he or she can function in a much more comfortable, controlled manner.  I also like teaching children self-hypnosis and breathing techniques because they give a child the ability to control their anxiety during triggering situations that would have normally caused a lot of grief.  By using these techniques, a child can learn to immediately generate relaxation in the body and calmness in the mind, when needed. This is exactly what we want because in general, opposite feelings cannot be felt at the same time.  So for example, at any moment a child might feel anxious or calm, but not both.  Our goal is to promote the latter.  Through Hypnosis a child can learn how to inhibit stress responses and function to the best of his or her ability.

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