Teenager Group Therapy – Coaching and Meditation

Teenager Group Therapy - Coaching and Meditation

Small Group Coaching and Guided Imagery Meditation for Teenagers

Do you feel like your child would benefit from partaking in Teenager Group Therapy Sessions? If you have a teenager (14-17), then you definitely want to enroll them in our Teenager Coaching and Guided Meditation workshop. The teenage years can be some of the most stressful and challenging years for both teens and parents. This workshop is designed to help your child:
• Have a better attitude
• Decrease stress
• Build concentration to boost test scores
• Boost sports performance
• Enhance creativity
• Promote a better night’s rest
• Improve self-acceptance and empathy
• Increase positivity and over all well being
When: 7pm every Tuesday starting October 25th and going on until November 15th.
How: Call (844) 347-2742 and by email: [email protected] Space Limited
Cost: $200

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