7 Things You Should Know Before Coming in For a Hypnotherapy Session


Here are 7 things you should know before coming in for a hypnotherapy session:

#1. There is no mind control. Your session is a joint partnership between you and your hypnotherapist to give your mind personalized suggestions that train your mind to do what you want it to do. To have great results from your session, the most important thing is that you want it to work. As your hypnotherapists, we’re on your side. The more invested you are in your success, the better your session will be.

#2. You’re safe. You can anticipate a positive experience. In general, a hypnotherapy session is a very positive experience. No matter what you’re coming in for, you’re going to be infused with a lot of positive suggestions. In fact, most people leave our offices feeling relaxed, lighter and happier.

#3. You never fall asleep. The hypnotic state in a therapeutic setting tends to look and feel like a deeply relaxed state where your mind experiences a unique level of focus. If you’ve done yoga before, it’s similar to the peaceful feeling you have during shavasana. There’s varying levels of hypnosis. Sometimes, you feel lighter and other times deeper. It’s like experiencing a wave. Enjoy it.

#4. It’s like you have a foot in two worlds. A part of you is conscious and yet another part of you is exploring your subconscious along with the suggestions that you are hearing. It’s totally normal to hear things such as cars passing by outside and sometimes you find that some interesting observations come to you.

#5. Commit to listening to the recording of the session that’s given to you after your session. Whatever you put in your mind before going to sleep will be the first thing that your subconscious mind processes. You can also listen to your recording first thing in the morning to get your day off to a positive start – even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Reinforcement and repetition are key ways that our mind learns. The more diligent you are about hypnotizing yourself with your recording, the sooner you will notice results. Time and time again, the best results come to people who commit to the process.

#6. After each session, our goal is to look for progress, not perfection. Many times, this progress is dramatic, but sometimes it’s slower. As you make progress, we can help you build upon your successes to get you to the place you ultimately want to be. In the end, this isn’t magic, but sometimes the results can feel like it.

#7. Have in mind coming in for at least a couple sessions. While it’s great when clients see dramatic changes in one session, in most cases, it takes a few sessions to get the results you’re looking for. For example, even if you start noticing positive effects after your first session, come in until your mind automatically starts having the patterns that we’ve been teaching it.

No matter what, in terms of time investment, hypnotherapy has been known to be very efficient compared to other modes of therapy. As we’ve seen with our clients, it’s one of the fastest ways to create lifelong changes.


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