How To Take Control of Your Life by Using the Power of Now


Our minds can be unbelievably good at tricking us into putting off our goals. That’s why it’s easy to procrastinate. There are times when people tell me a great idea or plan that they have only to soon after give a reason for not doing something about it. The person might say something like, “Yeah, one day, I’m going to do it.” In saying that, what the person is really doing is removing all accountability from themselves and taking no responsibility for actually following through. You’ve probably heard the Tony Robbins saying, The road to someday leads to the town of nowhere. If you keep pushing things into the future, the future will never be in the present and the present is the only place from where you’re actually able get something done. There is no power in the past, or in the future but there is power in the now.

Here’s another excuse that I often hear people say: “I want to do it but right now isn’t the right time.” First of all, there is no perfect time for anything in life. It’ll be the right time to do something only if you make it that.

Not having absolutely everything that you need in this moment doesn’t mean you should kick back and wait for a solution to just fall into your lap. One of my grandmother’s favorite lines was, “God helps those who help themselves.” Don’t just pray for things to happen. Do something about it. Take responsibility for making your goal a reality. Get resourceful. Find a way. You’d be surprised how resourceful and creative you can get when you genuinely want something to happen.

Time is of the essence. Feel a sense of urgency to the point where you are committed to taking action right now. Once you have that, sustain that attitude until you reach your goal. This is the mindset that successful people have.

I’ll leave you with this thought: Live every day like your life depends on it… because it does.

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