The Surprising Myths About Successful People


Are you somebody who thinks that you can’t be successful because you’re just not the type?  If so, then let me help you get rid of that limiting belief.  I’ve now seen thousands of people and for whatever reason, in general, my practice has always attracted people who are already successful.  When I think of these people I notice that other than having a particular mindset, it’s actually hard to classify what these people are like:

They aren’t a particular ethnic group nor do they believe in a particular religion.  Some weren’t born to already successful families and if anything had it really rough growing up.  A percentage didn’t even go to college.  A few arrived to this country with barely any money in their pockets.  These people aren’t necessarily thinner or sharp dressers either.  In fact, many of them look like a normal person that you’d see walking on the street.  Lastly, these people aren’t smarter than you.

What all of these people do have is that they found their purpose, passion or why.  If you want to be successful, then you need to focus on what fuels you.  Focus on what you’re passionate about.  On what truly makes you happy.  It’s the difference between a ship that is just floating wherever the current takes it versus a speed boat that is just cutting through the water with high velocity.  Know what you want.  Have that direction and clarity.  And then commit to it.  Everything else, you’ll figure out along the way.

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