You Have Your Own Unique Gifts and Abilities That Are Unique to You.

Affirmation: You have a lot to offer

It’s time that you realize that you have a lot to offer.  It’s all there.  It’s just a matter of you allowing yourself to see it.  This is something that only you can do for yourself.

Instead of downplaying or wasting your abilities by not using them, begin to acknowledge all of what you possess.  See what you can do really well as something valuable that is specific to you.  Once you have that, use them to do good things that make you and the people you love happy.

People often don’t pay attention to all of the great qualities that they possess because they are too focused on their faults.  Remember, everyone has imperfections to them along with virtues and positives.  Nobody is perfect. This is not about being perfect but about allowing yourself to be you, imperfections, gifts and abilities and everything in between.

I hope that I’ve conveyed that it’s time to stop underestimating yourself and start taking a greater role in your life and in this world.

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