Is It Possible to Unwittingly Hypnotize Somebody as Seen in the Movie Captain Underpants?

Is it possible to unwittingly hypnotize somebody as seen in the movie Captain Underpants?  I talk about this in my interview for Total Access on Telemundo.  The interview was in Spanish so I’ll give you a break down of how it went.  The movie is based on the old comics have delighted children for years.  The main plot is set around two children who hypnotize the principal of their school, making him into a dimwitted Superhero. 

I explained that the process of being hypnotized includes the consent of the person being hypnotized, otherwise, it wouldn’t work.  Because of this, there is no mind control.  I also went over some of the other common misconceptions about hypnosis such as that the person is asleep while experiencing being in state.  While the person might look asleep, they are not.  In the case of people coming in for hypnotherapy, the person is in a deeply relaxed state in which the mind is able to super focus.

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Interview with KVEA TV (Telemundo) for the Total Access program on June 2, 2017 at 10.30am.

To find out more about the film Captain Underpants visit its technical file in IMDB.

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