Get Off the Emotional Runaway Train


Get Off the Emotional Runaway Train. Have you ever found yourself turning one small thought into a bunch of catastrophic ones?.

Sometimes it can feel as if our mind is working against us, with non positive what-if scenarios. It can be as if we lose all logic and rationality and then taking a ride on the runaway emotional train. You may try to tell yourself to stop thinking that way but the thoughts keep on coming.

This is because the brain likes to have an answer for why it should stop. When we take a ride on the emotional Express, we are functioning more from our right side of the brain, the emotional side. We need to move our thought process back to the left side of the brain, the logical and rational side.

A wonderful way to do this, is to ask yourself: Is this serving me?. The most likely answer will be no, which will force the brain to put the brakes on the runaway train.

In therapy we call this a halt mechanism. You may have to use this halt mechanism many times, but eventually the mind will pick the hips and begin to avoid those non-positive runaway thoughts all together, since it starts computing that it just doesn’t make sense.

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