10 Must Haves For a Better Self Esteem

10 Must Haves For a Better Self Esteem


10 Must Haves For a Better Self Esteem. You owe to yourself to feel good about yourself.

Here Are 10 “Must Haves” for a high self-esteem:
1. Know that you are important and valuable, that you are more than
good enough as is, even with your imperfections. Because trust me, we
all have them.
2. Have your own unconditional love and acceptance. In doing so,
you’ll have no need or desire to find those in anybody else.
3. Believe that you are worthy of everything you want and need.
4. Know that everything you will ever need to succeed is already in
you and that whatever else is necessary, you’ll figure it out.
5. Make your own decisions. Part of being an adult is feeling
comfortable taking calculated risks.
6. If something doesn’t work out then switch to what will without
personalizing it.
7. Don’t compare yourself to anybody else because nothing good ever
comes from it.
8. Stay true to yourself regardless of anybody else. This includes you
doing the things that you are important to you.
9. Fully express yourself
10. Always remember that you are equal to all other people. This will
give you the freedom of feeling comfortable anywhere and around

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