Unconditional Happiness


Unconditional Happiness. The other day, somebody come in and requested the most awesome stuff. He wanted to make it so that regardless of whether he was in a relationship, regardless of whether he was dating somebody or on his own, he wanted to be happy. Don’t you just love that he just wanted to be happy no matter what? He wanted to make it so that he felt that life was great regardless of anything and anybody and that he had the highest self worth and self confidence, where nothing really fazed him because he was so to speak in his own power. I love that honestly, I think all of us need to be that way especially people who are single. People who are single often come in and they tell me: oh I just feel like my life is meaningless, some all by myself, there’s nobody there and because of it they feel miserable.

There is nothing sexier and more attractive than a person that is happy and so, regardless of whether you’re single or not have in mind that happiness comes from within, it doesn’t come from anybody else or anything else, it doesn’t come from a job, jobs come and go, or from a person even because, let’s be honest, sometimes there are times where we have certain people exit our lives, it’s just the way it is so that’s why it’s better for us to focus internally, focus on our happiness and being so true to ourselves and being so just all-around happy that regardless of anything or anybody that we truly experience life the way we want to.

I hope you’re having a great day and I look forward to chatting with you tomorrow.

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