Tips For When Life Feels Hard and Unsafe


Tips For When Life Feels Hard and Unsafe.

There are many people who have the attitude that life is hard, especially when they’ve lived through some brutal experiences. The problem is that if you keep have that attitude then that is what continues being your reality when it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve gone through some horrible things in my life and thankfully, those days are gone. Things change. They are always changing. And it’s up to us to change them for the better.

Feeling unsafe and fearful may be stopping you from moving forward in reaching your goals because you function from a place of fear and you just don’t feel safe in the world.

If I’ve just described you, then I suggest we have you start writing some affirmations at night before going to bed. Go get a notepad and start writing affirmations that are going to tell your mind to feel safe and comfortable. Here are some good examples of what you could write:

  • It’s safe to be me. And I have my rightful place in this world.
  • Another good one would be: I am worthy of good things.

Write these out every night. Write the same ones plus anything else that comes to you. Doing this will help imbed these ways of thinking and feeling into your subconscious mind so that you naturally find yourself being a person who feels safe, supported and comfortable in the world.

One more observation that I will mention to you is that I’ve found that having some kind of spiritual belief is also beneficial. In my experience, people who believe in a higher power fare better emotionally than people who are full on atheists because for atheists nothing else exists so there is nothing greater and nothing more to look forward to, so consider getting more in touch with your spiritual beliefs as well.

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