5 Tips to Combat the Winter Blues



5 Tips to Combat the Winter Blues.

As the nights grow longer, and the colder weather sets in, you might find yourself feeling a little bit down. Heading into winter, many people experience a form of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD), which is more commonly known as The Winter Blues.  During this time you may feel tired more frequently, or anxious more often; they may feel the urge to eat more, or to stay in bed all day; People who experience SAD almost certainly feel the urge to close off from the world.

Here are 5 easy ways to raise your spirits during this time period:

1: Spend Time in Daylight. As the days get shorter and shorter, it becomes very easy to spend every waking minute in the dark. We all know that sunlight is important for a healthy body, but it is also essential for a healthy mind! If you begin to feel like the shadows are getting you down, take some time to step outside, maybe go for a walk, and to feel the sun on your skin. It will brighten your day, and your mood!

2: Eat healthily  We all know that the holiday season is a time of indulgence, but sometimes we can take this too far! For example, sugar rushes from eating too many sweet foods or candy will lead to a blood-sugar low an hour or so later and over-eating in general can leave us feeling bloated and even mad or guilty with ourselves. It’s important to remember to see food as fuel even during the holidays and eat anything that isn’t the best for you on rare occasions and in moderation.

3: Turn Up the Music  When you’re feeling blue, silence can sometimes make things worse. Our minds benefit from stimulation, and other times we simply welcome a healthy distraction. According to a 2013 study from the University of Missouri, putting on some upbeat music is scientifically proven lift your spirits. So be sure to listen to some good music that will help put you in a much more positive and relaxed state.

4: Exercise  On darker days, it can be so, so tempting to just stay curled up in bed, especially when we’re not feeling at our best. But physical exercise is essential for a healthy mind and the adrenaline released during a good work-out, or even a quick jog, will give your mood just the boost it needs.  Even on days where there is a lot of snow-out, it’s raining or just plain cold, remember, nothing is stopping you from working out at home. Create a work-out plan, set a timer, turn on some good music and push yourself in a healthy way.

5: Seek the Company of Others. Finally, try not to hide yourself away. I know that nobody likes to be sociable when they’re feeling lethargic or depressed, but sometimes it’s the best medicine. Talking and laughing with those that we love and who love us in return, helps to reassure us that everything is alright and it’s a perfect opportunity to discuss the things that are getting you down. This communication is vital to working through dark times and the support you receive will really help to keep those winter blues at bay.

Remember that self-care is always important, but it’s especially crucial during the darker, colder months. The tips that I’ve given you are easy, basic and doable. Do them on a consistent basis and they should make a big difference during these upcoming months.

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