How to Be Single During the Holidays And Be Happy

How to Be Single During the Holidays And Be Happy


How to Be Single During the Holidays And Be Happy.

Let’s be honest: Being single around the holidays can feel yucky, especially when you wish you had somebody to share those special days with. It’s also that time of the year when family members can’t help but ask about your dating status, only further highlighting what you already don’t care for. Here are some mindset adjustments that will help you have an enjoyable holiday season while being single.
1.Instead of trying to avoid the holidays or just trying to get through them, embrace them. Make your happiness your holiday end goal. You can accomplish this by not only taking really good care of yourself but by focusing on fun holiday-day style hobbies such as making Christmas cards and decorating. Let yourself really feel the holidays and consider focusing on the giving aspect by doing something such as volunteering.
2. When you get asked to go to holiday parties. Go. Go and don’t stay at home moping. It’s important that you open yourself to having fun. Plus you never know who you might meet.
3. When your relatives ask if you are seeing somebody, instead of feeling upset about the situation, get very matter of fact about it. “I haven’t met anybody that I really like right now” means just that. “I haven’t met anybody that I really like right now” It has nothing to do with not being more than good enough and it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to meet anybody in the future so don’t make it more than that. Have that attitude and you’ll notice that your demeanor is able to convey that you’re not phased by it. That alone will decrease the chance of somebody saying something that you don’t care for.
4. Next, Consider telling family members that you are happy being by yourself right now. Ok, so maybe that doesn’t even feel true right now but the more you say it, the more you will think it, and the more you think it, the more you will believe it.
5. Always remember, it’s better to be single than to be in an unhealthy relationship. It’s going to happen, when it happens. Focus on the now.

To wrap up, make self-love your greatest gift to yourself this holiday season. Not only will it help you enjoy the holidays, but it can also help with new relationships, career changes, and any other life events that may come your way. When you’re protected by self-love, you can find yourself enjoying your life regardless of the season.



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