The Retail Therapy Trap Of Shopping For Stress Relief

The Retail Therapy Trap Of Shopping For Stress Relief


The Retail Therapy Trap Of Shopping For Stress Relief.

According to a recent study done by Credit Karma, at least 52% of people surveyed admitted to shopping for the purpose of relieving stress. What were they buying? Mostly clothes. It was also found that over half of the people who shopped put their purchases on their credit cards, which in the end could only cause plenty of stress. Many of the people surveyed made purchases regardless of whether they could afford it or not. Having this kind of behavior can cause a lot of stress in relationships as well as put you in a bad financial situation.

Here are some tips that will help you to take control of your spending:

1. Ask yourself why you want to buy something. Years ago, I use to shop way too much not because I needed anything but because at that time, I felt really empty inside. I guess I was looking to fill what was missing in my life by buying stuff. It would give me a high for a bit but then it would go which meant that I needed to go buy more again. At one point, I had two rooms filled with clothes, many still with tags on them. Fast forward to now, now that I have much more fulfillment in my life, I have a very different attitude towards buying clothes. I only buy something if I absolutely need it and I no longer spend ridiculous money on designer items because that stuff no longer means what it use to mean to me. If you are excessively shopping, then I suggest you definitely come in for hypnotherapy so you can get to the bottom of what your mind is doing.
2. Choose a better stress-reliever. Especially if you are a regular shopper, it’s time to take up a hobby like art, reading, bicycling, yoga or hiking. Find something that helps you relieve stress without spending. With enough time, you can train yourself to keep your spending in check.
3. Stay firm during the holiday shopping season. Controlling shopaholic tendencies can be harder around the holidays. There are sales everywhere, you’re already in the store, and stores have the best deals out. When tempted, remind yourself that it’s the season of giving, not the season of taking. Besides, you will be receiving gifts as well!
4. Pre-Plan. It’s oh-so-tempting to pick up a bottle of perfume or a cute coffee mug for yourself. If you don’t trust yourself to go holiday shopping alone, ask a trusted loved one to tag along and tell them that it is important that they not let you slip up. Especially if you are doing your holiday shopping online, make a list of exactly what you are going to buy and stick to it.
5. Finally, Remember that objects do not equal happiness. While you may feel happy immediately after the purchase, shopping can act like a drug, and the joy is short-lived. The cons of failing relationships, poor financial stability, and a home filled to the brim are not to be taken lightly. When you buy and buy and buy, eventually, you’ll run out of money, room, and time. Think clearly about things that you need. Buy only what you absolutely need. With a few mind adjustments, new hobbies and self-imposed limits, you can overcome your desire to stress shop.


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