The 10 Tell-Tale Signs of a Toxic Narcissistic Person


The 10 Tell-Tale Signs of a Toxic Narcissistic Person.

Toxic relationships are the worst because they can mess with your mind and destroy your self-worth. That’s why I want to open your eyes to the top 10 tell-tale signs of a toxic person.

1. They are expert manipulators. Toxic people tend to be self-centered and imposing. They tend to use manipulation tactics to get what they want. These may include: Giving you the silent treatment, withholding love and attention if they know that that’s what will get to you, dominating conversations since they always feel they are right, using your dislike of anger and confrontation to get you to give in and putting you through intense guilt trips if they don’t get their way.

2. They tend to play the victim. Even when they are wrong and they know it, toxic people will somehow surprisingly always flip things in such a way where they end up making you the bad guy.

3. They’re judgmental. Toxic people tend to be highly critical of everything around them: These may include your hobbies, what you say, what you wear, who you date and etc. It’s like you can’t get anything right with them.

4. They talk badly about others. That’s because criticizing and looking down upon somebody else makes them feel better about themselves. It so to speak, fuels their fire.

5. They make you feel as though you or whatever you’re doing isn’t good enough. A toxic person may make you question yourself and your decisions. They may also ask you to prove yourself to them in a number of ways. In the end, it always comes down to you doing whatever it is that they want you to do.

6. They don’t support you. You might be excited about an accomplishment, a new friend, a new person you are dating, a family event, or a hobby. No matter what, a toxic person will find a way to undervalue whatever great situation you are experiencing.

7. They have a bad temper. That’s because they’re minds are always finding something wrong with everything. Any situation, big or small, might set them off in a really exaggerated way.

8. Drama surrounds them. That’s why they have problems with a variety of different people in their lives and of course, the toxic person believes that it’s all their fault.

9. They want to be the most important people in your life. Toxic people thrive on attention from others, and if they don’t have yours, because let’s say you’ve been hanging out with another friend more or even a family member, they will find a way of making you feel bad for it.

10. They’re arrogant and self-centered. No matter what, they’re the best at everything and whatever they think is what’s right. They may talk over you, minimize your accomplishments and make every conversation about them.

Now that you know the tell-tale signs of a narcissistic toxic person, stay tuned for my video on how to deal with them.

If I’ve described somebody in your life, then remember that you don’t owe anything to anyone but you do owe yourself to surround yourself with positive people that are interested in healthy reciprocal relationships. So do away with the toxicity because it has no place in your life.


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