8 Signs You Are Being Cheated On


8 Signs You Are Being Cheated On

According to NBC news, 1 out of 5 adults has cheated on their partner. That’s a full 22% of people in monogamous relationships. So how can you tell if you are being cheated on? I’ll tell you:

#1. Your Partner Guards Their Phone or Computer Obsessively.

#2. Your Partner Changes Their Tone of Voice on the Phone.

#3. Your Partner Is Emotionally Checked Out.

#4. Your Partner Insists On Doing More Things Without You.

#5. Your Partner May Start Paying More Attention To Their Physical Appearance.

#6. Your Partner Might Start Being Critical Of You.

#7. Your Partner Treats You With Suspicion.

#8. You Have a Gut Feeling. Humans have developed intuition for a reason. Many times, our subconscious mind knows something before our conscious brain does. If you can’t shake the feeling, it could be because there is something there. Try to figure out why you feel this way, and communicate your concerns to your partner. That being said, you can’t expect somebody who is cheating, hence already lying to you, to be honest, so it may have to take some figuring out to know what is really happening.

Just a single one of the clues that I’ve mentioned might not mean anything on their own but a few might mean that you are being cheated on. No matter what, be sure to stay calm and stick to the facts. Depending on what you find or find out, it’s up to you as to what happens next. Regardless, there isn’t anything you can’t handle.


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