How to Be Happy and Single


How to Be Happy and Single

Single people often blame their unhappiness on the fact that they are single. But researchers have found that those who are single, or just dating can actually thrive to the point of feeling fulfilled even if they don’t have a partner.  Here are my tips for how you can do that from my perspective of being a new mom:

  1. Do the things you like.

Make the most of your time. Enjoy your favorite activities and do them often. I always tell my single girlfriends that it’s a very different life when you have a family.  It changes everything.  There are times when you you’re not able or don’t have the time to do the things you love the most because you have so much going on and you are no longer your #1 priority.  Heck, sometimes it’s hard to even do the most basic things.  So now is your time. Live to the fullest.

  1. Work on yourself.

We are all a work in progress. As a single person, right now is the best time to focus on your personal development.  Build good habits, a high self-esteem and a strong mindset. These will be a solid foundation for the rest of your life.  Those things will help you when you have a partner and if you decide to have kids.  Trust me, especially when you have a kid, things can come up for you, your partner or even the both of you, so the more you find yourself in a good emotional space, the better.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone.

Actively look for new experiences.  This makes for a fun way to grow.  Find something that scares you and at that same time, keeps popping up in your mind.  That could be the thing you need to do the most for yourself.  Every time you achieve a goal or have a positive experience because you put yourself out there, you will find that it adds to the person you become.  Travel alone, meet new people in other countries and take up new hobbies. Once upon a time, I would take off on trips by myself.  I’ve snorkeled with manatees and whale sharks.  I’ve seen the northern lights in Iceland, thrown tomatoes in the streets in Spain and scuba dived off of the Galapagos islands with hammerhead sharks.  I’m so grateful that I did those things.  Now that I’m a mom with a 2 year old, I can’t just take off like that.  That’s not in the cards.  You don’t realize how much freedom you have until you don’t have it so listen to me when I say go do everything you want to do.  That leads to my next point:

  1. Embrace your independence.

You’re independent now. That’s why right now can be the best opportunity to reach your next career goals, to make big changes in your lifestyle, to experiment and to define what you want and go after it. In addition, take good care of your health and learn how to manage your time and money.  Those skills will help you later on.

  1. Strengthen your relationships. Let go of toxic ones.

Dedicate more time to family and friends. Also, be okay with leaving behind the people in your circle who are too negative, you know… the complainers and toxic people who only judge.  Those are the kind of people that can really stunt your growth so be ok with doing what you need to do for yourself.

  1. See being single as an opportunity.

Not only are you able to easily do things whenever you want to but you also have the ability to relax and be at peace whenever you want to as well. Don’t take that for granted.

  1. Be grateful…

Just because. no matter what.  Have this attitude and you can find yourself being a very happy single person.


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